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Hours can vary by the day.  My published hours are 10-2 MST Tuesday-Saturday.  I work a second job that is contract work, so it is never the same.  Typically when I do work, I have to leave the shop around 2pm.  The nights can be long sometimes.  Some jobs I don’t get home till 1-2am, so that is why the 10am opening.  This also gives me a chance to get work done in the mornings without interruptions.  If you can’t make it during those hours, just let me know, and we can figure out a time that works for both of us.

Contacting me is quite simple.  My preferred method of contact is email at denny@allcaliber.com, or use the contact form.  I will get back to you, but if you don’t hear from me, there is a chance it got caught in spam.  I do mess up and forget sometimes.  It happens, just send me another one.  My phone number is 720-209-0142.  This is also my personal cell phone.  Please respect my “away from shop time”.  Either I am working my other job, or home with my family.  Please don’t call or text after 8pm, or before 9am.  I do prefer texts over calls, even if it is to say, “Give me a call please”.  I know not everyone texts or emails, but if you call and I don’t answer, leave me a message.  There are many times during the day that I can’t answer.  Sometimes I am on a machine and don’t hear it, sometimes I am driving, with a customer, or not at the shop.  I will get back to you.

My address is:
10490 S Progress Way Suite 106
Parker, CO 80134

CAUTION: It can be hard to find.  Go back into the buildings.  Use the map linked to the address above to look at surrounding businesses.
I am located in the same building as Planet Cheer and Jazzercise.

Author: Denny Phillips II

Denny is the owner of DP2 Custom LLC / All Caliber Gunsmithing. He has been a gunsmith for nearly 20 years. With help from his wife DebMarie Phillips, they have been custom making cleaning rods since 2004 under the name Ivy Rods.

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