Hours, contact, and directions

Hours can vary by the day.  My published hours are 10-2 MST Tuesday-Saturday.  I work a second job that is contract work, so it is never the same.  Typically when I do work, I have to leave the shop around 2pm.  The nights can be long sometimes.  Some jobs I don’t get home till 1-2am, so that is why the 10am opening.  This also gives me a chance to get work done in the mornings without interruptions.  If you can’t make it during those hours, just let me know, and we can figure out a time that works for both of us.

Contacting me is quite simple.  My preferred method of contact is email at denny@allcaliber.com, or use the contact form.  I will get back to you, but if you don’t hear from me, there is a chance it got caught in spam.  I do mess up and forget sometimes.  It happens, just send me another one.  My phone number is 720-209-0142.  This is also my personal cell phone.  Please respect my “away from shop time”.  Either I am working my other job, or home with my family.  Please don’t call or text after 8pm, or before 9am.  I do prefer texts over calls, even if it is to say, “Give me a call please”.  I know not everyone texts or emails, but if you call and I don’t answer, leave me a message.  There are many times during the day that I can’t answer.  Sometimes I am on a machine and don’t hear it, sometimes I am driving, with a customer, or not at the shop.  I will get back to you.

My address is:
10490 S Progress Way Suite 106
Parker, CO 80134

CAUTION: It can be hard to find.  Go back into the buildings.  Use the map linked to the address above to look at surrounding businesses.
I am located in the same building as Planet Cheer and Jazzercise.

Welcome to All Caliber Gunsmithing

Thanks for stopping by.  The whole website and blog is new to me, and is a huge learning curve.  Keep checking back for more updates.

I would like to thank my family for being by my side through these last few years especially.  Starting up a new business isn’t an easy venture…  Then throw in tough times with money due to business expenses and startup and other tough times.  My dad was diagnosed a few years ago with a terminal lung disease.   We lost him last fall.  I am thankful that he got to come out to see us the Christmas before from Wisconsin, even though he spent 6 days in ICU with pneumonia.  He was able to come see the shop that he talked about so much to his friends.  We went home to visit last summer, and he got to shoot the rifle I was building him.  Dad_1200x280

That is him shooting it off their deck in Wisconsin Dells.

I miss you Dad!